PC/CC/Esposito Confs


Preliminary Conferences are prompted by the filing of an RJI and usually scheduled within 3 weeks thereafter.  THERE IS NO NOTICE SENT BY THE COURT.  USE A COURT ALERT SERVICE TO PICK UP THE DATES OR SIGN UP WITH E-COURTS.

All Preliminary Conferences are held on Monday-Thursday at 9:30 and 11:30 on the 3rd Floor at 88-11 Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica, even for Long Island City justices.   Find your case on the calendar down the left hallway.  Find your adversary, fill out the PC order (located next to the calendar) and bring it to room 3002 in the middle of the hall for submission.   The compliance conference and Note of Issue dates are below the case on the calendar.  The RJI date is below the index #
By rule, all PCs must be held within 45 days of the filing of the RJI. There are limited exceptions, such as when there is a Motion for Default against all defendants in which case the conference will be adjourned without a date until the motion is decided.  If a party does not appear or if any party requests an adjournment at the first scheduled conference, it will be adjourned for 2-3 weeks on the same weekday, but no longer than 45 days from the RJI.  If a party does not appear on the second date, the PC may be done ex parte after you call your missing adversary(s.)  If no parties appear on the second date, the court will fill out an Order and send it to the parties.  The “cut off time” for 9:30 conferences is 10:30.  The “cut off time” for 11:30 conferences is 12:15.

It is best to leave your telephone number on the board next to your firm name so you can be located by your adversary in this large, crowded and noisy area.

Preliminary Conferences are held as follows:

Preliminary Conferences Schedule
9:30 AM
11:30 AM
J. Allan Weiss  (Part 2)J.  Marguerite Grays (Part 4)
J. Darrell Gavrin (Part 27 – NYCTA cases)J. Rudolph Greco (Part 32)
J. Fredrick Sampson (Part 31)
J. Diccia Pineda-Kirwan  (Part 36)
9:30 AM
11:30 AM
J.  Timothy Dufficy (Part 35)J. Janice Taylor  (Part 15)
J. Peter O’Donoghue (Med Mal cases)J. Thomas Raffaele (Part 13)
J. Leonard Livote (Part 33)J. Joseph Esposito (Part 26)
J. Richard Latin (Part 40)
9:30 AM
11:30 AM
J.  Ernest Hart (Part 6 - City Cases)J. Kevin Kerrigan (Part 10 – City cases) HHC CC's held on 2nd Monday of the month
J. David Elliot (Part 14)J. Salvatore Modica (Part 37)
J.  Robert McDonald (Part 34)
J. Chereé Buggs (Part 30)
9:30 AM
11:30 AM
J.  Denis Butler (Part 12)J. Pam Jackman Brown (Part 19)
J. Carmen Velasquez (Part 38)j. Joseph Risi (Part 3 - NYCTA Cases)
J. Leslie Purificacion (Part 39)J. Ulysses Leverett (Part 41)


A Compliance Conferences are held Monday-Thursday at 9:30 before Justice Esposito in Rm 3003 at 88-11 Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica.  Compliance Conferences cannot be adjourned.  Fill out a Compliance Conference Order located about 10 feet behind the calendar.  If your adversary is not there by 11:00 am, call their office to make sure they are coming.  If they are not aware of the CC (even though it listed on the PC Order) the court will direct them to come in and you will have to wait for them.  The conference will not be adjourned because of a missing party.  i have done these with the missing party over the phone though it is not the method preferred by the court. 

It is best to leave your telephone number on the board next to your firm name so you can be located by your adversary in this large, crowded and noisy area.


These conferences are held in the same area as the Compliance Conferences; 3rd floor Rm 3003 at 10 am at 88-11 Sutphin Blvd, Jamaica. THEY DO TO APPEAR ON E COURTS AND CANNOT BE ADJOURNED !  They can be time consuming if the parties do not agree on the issues. YOU CANNOT SIMULTANEOUSLY REQUEST THIS CONFERENCE AND MOVE TO VACATE THE NOTE OF ISSUE. It’s one or the other.

These Conferences can be requested by any party by calling chambers between the date of the Compliance Conference and a short time after the Note of Issue is filed. The purpose of the conference is to execute a “So Ordered Stipulation” using distinct, court approved language to schedule the remaining discovery and avoid the necessity of a Motion to Strike the Note of Issue. Depending on the amount of discovery remaining and the status of the filing of the Note of Issue, the case can be “stayed” or not. If the case is stayed, the parties will return for additional conferences until discovery is complete and the stay lifted. Thereafter, depending on the status of the Note of Issue filing, summary judgments dates or trial conference dates can be set.

The parties may have to conference the case with law assistant, Reyna Rubelle, to get the corresponding language. Justice Esposito is not routinely reviewing issues in controversy nor is he requiring the parties to wait while he signs the So Ordered Stips. Copies of the So Ordered Stip will be placed in a basket outside and to the left of Rm 313.

It is best to leave your telephone number on the board next to your firm name so you can be located by your adversary in this large, crowded and noisy area.