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Diana C. Gianturco

The Centralized Motion Part in Queens has been underway since October, 2012 but new developments frequently arise as needed.  Please see the official OCA rules in my RULES page.

The most important rules are summarized as follows:

E filed motions require a courtesy copy submitted on calendar call or it will be marked “off calendar.”

Mandatory appearances on discovery motions and OTSC.

Discovery motions are expected to stip out.  Adjournments are very rare.  Submission to Judge for decision are also rare.

Strict adherence to proper Notice of Motion.  If Notice is defective (wrong time or location) the motion will be denied and will have to be refiled.  This is true even if both parties are present.

All other motions (SJ, consolidation, preference, whatever) can be adjourned ONCE from the original return date for responsive papers.  Requests for a second adjournment are routinely denied.  This is true even if the parties stipulate.   If good cause is shown, a second adjournment may be granted.  Do not expect a third adjournment.   Many motions have been submitted without opposition in this case.



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